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Organizational complexity is taking a toll on business profits

Last July and August 2015, the Economist magazine conducted a survey of 331 executives. The survey focused  on the impacts of organizational complexity and the efforts companies have taken to reduce it. Complexity in Large Organizations Large organizations are viewed as dynamic networks … Continue reading

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The Price of Bitcoins: Chaos or Complexity?

If you are interested in Bitcoins, you will probably have noticed how volatile its value has been, in U.S. Dollars or in Euros. Just go to www.coindesk.com/price/ to take a look for yourself.  Bitcoin is the leading, but only one of many, … Continue reading

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Is Complexity Useful?

I was reading Michael Behe’s recent blog entitled “irremediable complexity” about complexity in nature, and I wanted to ask this simple question: is complexity useful?  That question, of course, brings a number of other questions, and so I will try to … Continue reading

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