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Artificial? Intelligence?

Welcome to 2023! AI (Artificial Intelligence) is in the news these days in part because of GPT-3. GPT-3 is a natural language processing (NLP) engine coupled with a deep learning model built by the San-Francisco-based OPEN-AI startup company. The GPT-3 … Continue reading

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Does Complexity Breed Volatility?

We have now become familiar with the VIX, the Chicago Board Options Exchange Market Volatility Index, thanks to the wild stock market volatility that has graced our television screens in the last few weeks.  Investors process incoming political and economic … Continue reading

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The Oil Spill and the Edge of Chaos…

Yesterday, I talked about the BP oil spill and the relationships between the parties involved from a complexity point of view.   Another interesting notion that applies to the spill is the concept of the  “edge of chaos”.   We will all … Continue reading

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Herding sheep: it’s complicated! No, it’s complex :)

Someone (my brother) asked me the difference between “complicated” and “complex”.  I touched on that in the post “What is Complexity?”  Let’s try another way, using the example provided by Michel Cotsaftis in “Complex Systems and Self-organization Modelling“:  Dogs herding … Continue reading

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What is Complexity?

A definition of Complexity will tell us that the concept applies to things intricate or complex. Most definitions apply to a specific domain such as biology or cybernetics.  These definitions generally fall short of what we think today is important … Continue reading

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