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How Network Complexity Killed Water Cooler Collaboration

Thanks to the ever-increasing complexity levels and scale of today’s networks, casual conversations can no longer be classified as an effective method of information sharing. Continue reading

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Complexity and AR (Augmented Reality)

#ar AR may be more than a hammer in search of a nail. It may be a new conceptual approach to help us deal with big data and its complexity. Continue reading

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Organizational complexity is taking a toll on business profits

Last July and August 2015, the Economist magazine conducted a survey of 331 executives. The survey focused  on the impacts of organizational complexity and the efforts companies have taken to reduce it. Complexity in Large Organizations Large organizations are viewed as dynamic networks … Continue reading

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John Holland, ‘Father of Complexity,’ Dies at 86

Reposted from https://reason.com/blog/2015/08/31/john-holland-father-of-complexity-dies-a Pioneer in complex adaptive systems passed away earlier this month by Ed Krayewski|Aug. 31, 2015 7:15 am University of Michigan Earlier this month, the computer scientist and psychologist John Holland passed away. Holland is known as the “father of … Continue reading

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Three skills for dealing with complexity

Our World has generally become more complex, in part because of the many linkages and relationships between elements that make it a lot harder to figure out how things work and where they are going.  Let’s take the stock market … Continue reading

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The Universe is a ‘complexity machine’

I am reproducing below an article published on January 23rd, 2015 in Science Daily  about a Clemson University study entitled  “How does the universe creates reason, morality?.”   I am also adding to the article relevant links (in parentheses) to outside … Continue reading

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