Visualizing Complexity

While commenting on a blog, I came upon the 2CO (COmmunicating COmplexity) Conference held in Alghero – Italy earlier this year.  The conference covers three main topics:  Informative-Animation, Interactive Data Visualization and Info-Graphics.  While I have not yet read the papers that are graciously made available on the website, the concept of merging communications science and complexity is exciting.   Is the World getting more complex, or is our understanding of the World making it seem as if it is more complex? Probably a bit of both.  Phenomena that seemed unpredictable a while back (like the weather) are now called “complex systems”.   Our understanding of these complex systems is helping us develop predictions on how these systems may or will behave.  Visual representations, coupled with words (Like… Microsoft PowerPoint) can help us understand complex knowledge and complex systems by appealing to our complex brain.   As mentioned in one of the conference papers (Animation  to  explain  Constructive  Geometry, Genís  Àvila,  Isabel  Crespo  and  Joan  Font), the visual understanding of a logarithmic function through the display of its curve is perceived very differently than the written equation.

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