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Complexity: Is the Presidency Doomed?

The President of the United States is both the executive in charge of our Government, and the symbol of our country’s power.  The president is in charge of a complex network of departments and agency designed to implement policies for … Continue reading

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The Oil Spill and the Edge of Chaos…

Yesterday, I talked about the BP oil spill and the relationships between the parties involved from a complexity point of view.   Another interesting notion that applies to the spill is the concept of the  “edge of chaos”.   We will all … Continue reading

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Oil Spill and Complexity…

Gail the actuary wrote a detail post (The Gulf Deepwater Oil Spill – Was Complexity a Factor?) where she explores the implications of complexity on the oil spill situation in the Gulf of Mexico.   She said: When there are many … Continue reading

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Herding sheep: it’s complicated! No, it’s complex :)

Someone (my brother) asked me the difference between “complicated” and “complex”.  I touched on that in the post “What is Complexity?”  Let’s try another way, using the example provided by Michel Cotsaftis in “Complex Systems and Self-organization Modelling“:  Dogs herding … Continue reading

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My Complex Lunch…

To someone interested in complexity, everything seems like a complex system.  Take my lunch for instance… I sampled the delicious Vifon Pho Ga  Chicken Flavor Vietnamese Pho Rice Noodle Soup pictured to the side.  Its preparation was anything but complex.  But … Continue reading

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Modeling Complexity

“If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?“… This riddles raises some interesting questions about observation and the knowledge and understanding of reality.   Philosopher George Berkeley postulated that … Continue reading

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Measuring Complexity

Variety and connectivity are the yin and the yang of complexity. This network view of the World addresses the behavior of systems. Continue reading

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